How machines are changing the way we work and think*

One of the first major evolution in architecture came with the Industrial Revolution that began in England about 1760. It was characterized by the radical changes at every level of civilization, but in architecture specially with the growth of heavy industry that brought a flood of new building materials. The mass production of iron, steel and glass in large quantities made them economically plausible as building materials. For architects and engineers it was a new dawn where devised structures hitherto undreamed of in function, size and form. Factories have evolved to new forms and utilities: they are the technology that are becoming part of us in our daily life.

We are now facing the same paradigm of (r)evolution as the one started in 1760: new materials and new ways of building – such as 3D printing, metamaterials, Virtual and augmented reality, and so on.  Architecture (similar to many other areas) is once again facing a massive disruption with a strong impact on society.

We have developed tools and technology to assist in the pursuit of our goals. Large shifts in technology have resulted in large shifts in social structures, and how individuals both contribute to society and make a living. Continue reading “How machines are changing the way we work and think*”